RCD blocks

For assembly with MCBs

RCD blocks are residual current devices suitable for assembly with a standard MCB.

IEC/EN 61009 app. G only allows assembly of RCBOs once on site, that is to say outside the factory, using adaptable RCD blocks and the appropriate MCBs. Any subsequent attempts to separate them must leave permanent visible damage. The residual current operated circuit-breaker obtained in this way maintains both the electrical characteristics of the MCB and those of the RCD block.

RCD blocks in the System pro M compact range
▪ DDA 200, AC type
▪ DDA 200, A type
▪ DDA 200 AE, A type
▪ DDA 200 AP-R, AC type
▪ DDA 200 AP-R, A type
▪ DDA 200, AC selective type
▪ DDA 200, A selective type

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