Environmental Services for medium-voltage products

Managing environmental risks to reduce waste, ensure regulatory compliance and increase resource efficiency. ABB´s service technicians are trained and certified to handle SF6, manage hazardous SF6 decomposition by-products, reclaim used or contaminated gas from equipment, SF6 leakage detection and repair MV SF6 circuit breakers, switchgear, switches, disconnectors

Contact ABB`s to reduce the burden of managing SF6 for all situations where the gas is used or handled. ABB can address the environmental risks related to:


    • Top up gas for new equipment installation
    • Safety check on installed gas purity
    • Buy back any unwanted or unused new gas (where ABB completes commissioning work)
Maintenance of existing equipment
    • Inspection and assessment of gas quality in equipment
    • Gas leakage detection and repair
    • Refilling equipment with new gas
    • Reclaiming used or contaminated gas from equipment
Inventory management
    • Safety check of existing gas inventory
    • Assessment of gas purity for reuse in equipment where quality is unknown
    • Consolidation of partially filled gas cylinders
    • Purify contaminated gas to new gas standard (IEC 60376)
    • Choice of rent or buy cylinders
    • Return empty cylinders
    • Removal and destruction of non-compliant cylinders
    • Audit gas inventory for carbon emission accounting
    • Pooling of gas stock for end-users

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