Advanced Services

Advanced Services provide continuous improvement for automation and processes through a systematic approach to problem-solving, and a pro-active commitment to service. Advanced Services are designed as efficient, standard and modular services based on ABB’s deep knowledge of automation applications.

ABB Advanced Services were developed to minimize problems with automation and automated processes, and to ensure efficient operations and increase customer return on assets.

Monitoring and effective operation of automation system requires the processing of large amounts of data, and the volume of data processing increases as automation or production processes become more complex. During the course of operation, working and environmental conditions, hardware and software upgrades, operator input, and other variables combine to diminish the efficiency of an automation system. Finding the sources of inefficiencies can be a challenge because of automation and process complexity.

Advanced Services offering from ABB attempts to find the sources of inefficiencies and identify issues before they disrupt operations, and can be applied as distinct service modules for a wide range of automation and automated processes, including automation not originally supplied by ABB.

ABB Advanced Services identify issues that inhibit peak performance in automation and automated processes, then provide recommendations to resolve issues quickly and systematically in a prioritized plan based on the most critical actions required to provide the greatest economic return.

Our offering

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