Sensors and signal processing

The purpose of the SSP program is to develop and provide technologies for future generations of ABB sensor devices.

Sensors are used in nearly all ABB products and systems. They deliver the input information for the control of processes and the protection of systems. Sensors transform a physical measurement into an electrical signal. The subsequent signal processing transforms the raw electrical signal into useful information. While in the past this information was just the measured physical value like temperature, future devices will deliver additional information like the condition of the device itself or even the condition of the process they are connected to.

Sensors devices in ABB’s world of Power and Automation usually have to be very rugged. Additional technical challenges are given due to the needed reliability and durability.
The projects in the frame of the SSP program will push the limits of the sensitivity and accuracy of the devices, improve reliability and durability and add more functionality to the devices by means of clever signal processing. This will lead to higher customer value. At the same time the cost will be lowered for increased profitability.

Last edited 2009-10-15
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